Shattered stopwatch

This is it…

I have always been happy for all my friends who were able to earn their Bachelor’s degree, and some who have also been able to earn their Master’s already, and also those who have been able to land an amazing job.

Yet I haven’t been able to do it…

But the people who know me, know that I am not (while I may appear to be at times) lazy, or not driven, I have had my share of problems.

But I haven’t been sitting on my behind this whole time; I’ve been able to get a College Credit Certificate as a Programmer. Yet that is obviously not enough for me to stop.

I need a physical, graduate degree!

Thankfully (to God first and foremost), because of some laws, I have been able to work. And further even, I will now be able to study, why am I beating around the bush?

Tomorrow, I shall resume my undergraduate studies pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at FIU.

Some of you might say, “Why not enroll on an Ivy League?” Before anything, I’d like to thank you for giving me such credit, and while I might qualify for one of them, I will definitely consider that option for my graduate study (As of now, I think I’d like to at least apply to Stanford, UC Berkley, or MIT for the graduate)

But let’s be honest, how would the huge reputation of the school I graduate from weigh if I cannot obtain the appropriate connections? While I do not have many, I did get enough to become employed at MDC as a lab tech.

And that is one of my main goals during my time at the university, along with getting my degree and increasing my knowledge: To increase my connections and widen my grasp to all the opportunities out there. I have been given the chance to further my studies, and while I and the people in my own ethnic group with conditions similar to mine are seen by a chunk of the population as mooching off of the benefits given to us like clams, know for sure that I am not one to simply owe favors (not to brag, but try and ask the faculty at the college!). No sir, I will use the knowledge I can earn to better my country and improve the software applications we have to maximize their use for everyday life, be it casual or professional, be it for entertainment or education. 

Of course, what I will learn and do will be much more complex than this

This is the first step towards triumph, the first victory of many to come, and know for sure that if I put my mind on it, more victories are sure to come. Keep your ears open, for you will soon hear of the good things that will be said about me and my accomplishments…


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